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Modifying the Invenmanager Events Source Code to support quick multi-person bookings

by Ross Buggins8. March 2012 11:23

We’re currently working on a project and we needed a booking system to integrate with it as quickly as possible.  We chose to buy the source code for invenmanager events. 

They had a lot of the core functionality we required, including multiple payment gateway, and with the source code we knew we could do a few changes to get it in line with the requirements.

The only draw back for us with the source was the fact the it is all VB has not been ported to C# to be inline with the core of DNN.

The first big change we made was to the registration process.  As Theatre Trips Kent is a ticket booking web site we didn’t need the details of every attendee, only the person who was registering.   We changed the second step of the registration manager to include a drop down which adds a specific number of attendees to the order, all with the same details as the person registering.  We also removed and concept of adding of removing attendees manually, its all done by changing the number selected on the drop down.

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